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stringmodulator is the brain-child of the german musicians jan quednau (bass) and fabian chmielewski (guitar). their shared love of electronica, krautrock and improvisational music is the basis for the projects credo: experimental music on 10 strings. the duo has just released its first ep.

previous projects include a collaboration with horror-author tom c. winter, composing and playing a live-soundtrack for the readings of his book, as well as music for advertisements.

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flow - live in duisburg, 2015

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first stringmodulator ep - out now

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stringmodulator ep

the self-titled ep consists of two songs from recorded jam sessions and a live track. the first track „flow“ is a stream-of-consciousness-like piece. a mystery tour through the musical minds of the improvising collaborators. floating and drifting through time and space. it ebbs and flows. it consists of shifting moods and textures, dreamy and groovy moments. the term „flow“ describes a perfect state of consciousness where one is fully absorbed and involved in an activity. the second track „oZEaN“ is a more intimate and meditative song with sprinkles of jazz. the final track is a live-version of „flow“. it shows the „work in progress“-attitude of stringmodulator by differing wildly from the album version. the track is more groove based and danceable.

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you can download and stream our album for free. please help us keep working and donate whatever you feel like. we are grateful for even the smallest contribution. also please share the album digitally on whatever platform you feel like.

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stringmodulator live

Tom C. Winter + stringmodulator - "Welt der Toten" Live @ Mayersche Dortmund 29.10.2015

Tom C. Winter .

live ambient music for a reading by Tom C. Winter

Tom C. Winter .

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